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5 Tips to Extend The Life of Your Commercial Parking Lot


Commercial Asphalt Repair NJ

Here is something for our commercial customers.

 Have you ever wondered about the true difference between a repair of your commercial parking lot versus maintenance? Plus the difference in the cost that is obviously associated with it? I guarantee at some point  you did! And yes,  there is a tremendous variation between those two. A repair is usually partial and restores something to the  original state like fixing a pothole. Repairs on a commercial site are required when something may create a liability or potential damage.  Maintenance on the other hand is regularly scheduled work that prevents deterioration or future damages and extends the life of the property (includes sealcoating, crack filling, striping and so on).  By waiting to the point of complete disrepair you could be doing yourself a great disservice, which in the end will cost you a lot more money.

There are few simple steps you can take to protect your investment and extend the life span of your commercial parking lot.

1. Manage the Load on the Asphalt

Heavy commercial vehicles can and do cause damage to asphalt lots. Loading docks and large trash containers should be placed in an area that does not require these heavy vehicles to cross or park on a lot that is designed for cars, pick up trucks and SUVs.

2. Fix Obvious Drainage ProblemsParking Lot Line Striping

Standing water can wreak havoc on asphalt parking lots and cause unnecessary expense if is not addressed quickly. The water will eventually seep into the asphalt and affect the base, creating cracks, ripples and potholes. Good drainage is an essential element of maintaining your lot. A quick inspection after a heavy rain is always a good idea.

3. Sealcoat the Asphalt  

Sealcoating your commercial parking lot not only protects the asphalt from the elements but also maintains a like-new appearance much longer than non-coated lots. A good quality coat, applied properly, will last for several years.

4. Fill Cracks Promptly

Crack sealing is very important in extending the life of your parking lot; small cracks only get larger, allowing more water to compromise the base of the lot, leading to more damage and more expensive repairs. The appearance of small cracks is normal but should be repaired immediately.

5. Clean Regularly 

Regular cleaning will ultimately improve the appearance of your parking lot, helps to prevent damage caused by debris and makes it much easier to take note of any drain or crack issues that need to be addressed. Adding a  good sweeping and pressure washing to your regular maintenance will benefit the longevity of your parking lot.

Teaming up with the proper company will provide you a detailed and  preventive plan to maintain, add value and reduce costs over the long term.

By Kasia Figurski

Cracked Asphalt & Winter Preparation

Winter Asphalt RepairHello December!

It seems like yesterday we all enjoyed the sunny warm weather, flip-flops and rays of sunshine. Now that the Summer Season is over and cold weather is  rapidly approaching, the time for winter preparation begins . As we are in need of protecting ourselves  from cold weather conditions , it’s important as well to protect both the interior and exterior of our homes, including our driveways.  The wet weather and low temperatures are two main factors and leading causes for the cracks formation in your asphalt.

The best  prevention and preservation of your asphalt is to hire a professional asphalt/sealcoating company to apply a high-grade crack-sealing compound (our specification is ASTM D6690), and apply a fresh layer of seal coat to help preserve the existing asphalt. The crack sealer contains a rubberized mixture that bonds to the asphalt to help provide a strong seal.

Here is a little warning; There are many products on the market, so be careful what you are purchasing or you  may find yourself spending twice the money you budgeted.

Another interesting fact is that you can minimize crack expansion and save money (thumbs up!) in an effort to extend your pavement life. Don’t you love hearing that?!

Remember, water is one of the worst factors causing the formation of asphalt cracks. Once under the  asphalt surface, it can erode the foundation which eventually leads to more damage and possibly even costly asphalt replacement. Simplify? Absolutely! Think of it as brushing your teeth to prevent cavities. It really doesn’t cost you much but benefits are tremendous. Brushing your teeth  saves your health and saves you a ton of money that you may spend at your dentist, which is simply avoidable but  caused  by negligence and lack of care. Same thing applies to your asphalt maintenance. Simple monitoring of the health of your driveway every year and adequate prevention extends the life of your asphalt and keeps your wallet in good shape.  So here are 5 helpful tips that will keep your driveway in a good shape:

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Spring is around the corner… Sealcoating time!

Springtime Asphalt Repair ServiceIt is currently March, and with winter slowly ending, the long awaited & anticipated Spring is rapidly approaching. Even though  lots of snow is still visible on the ground, this winter season will eventually come to  end, and our thoughts can finally  turn from plowing our driveways to protecting them. Now, is the perfect time to think about sealing and beautifying your driveway for the seasons to come.

With the sun shining and the snow slowly melting, you might have noticed that your asphalt pavement has suffered some damage. It’s nice to have a cessation of winter storms long enough to find out the state of your asphalt, so you can plan for any springtime repairs or maintenance in advance.

With Spring being closer than it seems, let’s start thinking and planning about how we can protect, repair and beautify our driveways and parking lots.

Here are 5 reasons why Spring is the best time to get started with sealcoating in Flemington NJ and the surrounding areas:


1. Curb Appeal

Winter damages the sealer more than any season, and it shows. Why not get a sealer applied after the winter and have your driveway look new all summer long? Commercial properties in Flemington and the surrounding areas often schedule their parking lots for sealing and striping in the Spring just for this reason.

2. Price

Prices are often lower in the Spring when residential sealing is slow going. Often, you can make deals with the contractor to have a sign placed in your yard for a little longer than normal. In the beginning of the season, most contractors want to get the signs out as soon, and for as long as possible. They want to start carving out territory. The fact is, most homeowners in Flemington and surrounding areas will go with the same contractor as the guy down the street did (if the job looks professional). So often by doing one driveway, a sealcoating contractor has a good chance of be the contractor of choice for that whole neighborhood.

Sealcoating Driveway in Spring
3. Scheduling

In September contractors are so busy, they are  packing their schedule as tight as possible.  Since it is slower in the Spring you might be able to have the driveway done when it suits you. Going away for a long weekend or on vacation? Not a problem in Flemington and surrounding areas.

4. Durability  

If you sealed your driveway in the fall, the sealer might not cure as well because of the cold weather. In the late Spring, temperatures are usually perfect and there is no worry about freezing temperatures.

5. More flexibility with weather in Flemington and surrounding areas

Since it is the beginning of the sealing season, there is no problem of running out of time like in the fall. If there is a month’s worth of rain, we can still get to the driveway the following  month, while in the fall it would be the following year. If a problem arises with the job, there will be plenty of time to remedy the situation, in the fall you would have to wait until… Spring!

You can greatly improve the “curb appeal” of your home or business in Flemington and surrounding areas with some simple asphalt protection and maintenance. Without the appropriate sealcoating being applied regularly, it’s much easier for asphalt to crack and potholes to form.

Remember, Spring is closer than you think! If you are seeing that your driveway needs attention, now is the time to contact us for  your springtime sealcoating or paving project in Flemington New Jersey and surrounding areas. You will definitely have the peace of mind knowing your work is scheduled and will be done right.