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7 Signs Your Asphalt Needs Repair

A pothole in need of asphalt driveway repair

The past few months have been pretty rough on local drivers, with the wintry freeze/thaw cycle leaving some serious potholes in area roads.

But sometimes damage to asphalt isn’t as obvious as a crater-sized divot in the highway. That doesn’t mean it isn’t as serious. Here are a few signs asphalt driveway repair or parking lot upgrades may be in your future. Continue reading "7 Signs Your Asphalt Needs Repair"

What You Might Not Know About Parking Lot Sealcoating

Parking Lot Sealcoating in NJWhen you think of asphalt, you think of a modern invention. Watch a movie set in the old west or medieval England, and you won’t see a lot of blacktop.

Yet asphalt has been part of human life for thousands of years. The ancient Babylonians were using it to make roads as early as 615 BCE.

Why are we mentioning this? To make the point that there might be things you didn’t realize about asphalt. In this blog post, we’re going to explore some things you may not  know about a subset of the asphalt world: parking lot sealcoating in New Jersey.

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5 Tips to Extend The Life of Your Commercial Parking Lot

Commercial Asphalt Repair NJ

Here is something for our commercial customers.

Have you ever wondered about the true difference between a repair of your commercial parking lot versus maintenance? Plus the difference in the cost that is obviously associated with it? I guarantee at some point  you did! And yes,  there is a tremendous variation between those two.

A repair is usually partial and restores something to the  original state like fixing a pothole. Repairs on a commercial site are required when something may create a liability or potential damage.

Maintenance on the other hand is regularly scheduled work that prevents deterioration or future damages and extends the life of the property (includes sealcoating, crack filling, striping and so on).  By waiting to the point of complete disrepair you could be doing yourself a great disservice, which in the end will cost you a lot more money.

There are few simple steps you can take to protect your investment and extend the life span of your commercial parking lot.

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