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Springtime is Driveway Sealcoating Time

driveway sealcoating njThe end of winter is just a few weeks away, but given the weather we’ve been having, it already feels a bit like spring.

It’s the time of year where our thoughts turn from winter property maintenance to springtime property improvements. And while you’re planting new flowers and putting up a new coat of paint, spare a thought for your driveway.

After a harsh winter, you can help restore your property to its former glory through a process known as driveway sealcoating.

Sealcoating involves adding a thin layer of sealing liquid over a paved surface to protect against the damage caused by rain, snow, sunlight and vehicle fluids. It won’t repair cracks in the driveway, but it will prevent future damage and extend the life of your asphalt.

Other benefits include:

  • It repels water, one of the biggest factors in driveway deterioration
  • It also repels oil spills and leaks.
  • It also makes cleaning your driveway easier.
  • Sealcoating won’t repair cracks, but it can help hide them
  • Applying sealcoating enhances the appearance of your driveway, making it look new again
  • Snow and ice melts faster on a driveway that has sealcoat, further protecting you against winter weather damage

But why do all this in the spring? Here are a few reasons

1. Extend your curb appeal

Anyone who’s driven around New Jersey over the past few weeks has probably noticed that local roads aren’t looking their best.

Winter is tough on asphalt, whether you’re dealing with highways, driveways or parking lots. By scheduling driveway sealcoating in the spring, you can improve your property’s curb appeal into the summer and fall.

2. Prices are lower, scheduling is easier

Driveway sealcoating prices are often lower in the springtime, when the work season hasn’t yet picked up steam.

You might be able to make a deal with a contractor, allowing them to place their sign in your yard for longer than normal.

You’ll get a break on the cost of their services, they’ll get a chance to advertise their skills, by putting out their sign, and by doing a good job on your driveway.

And because the sealcoating season doesn’t kick into high gear until summer, scheduling work in the spring allows you to work according to your schedule, rather than your contractor’s calendar.

3. Better weather

If you schedule driveway sealcoating for the fall, cold weather can lessen the effectiveness of the sealer. But in late spring, temperatures are typically warm enough that you don’t need to worry about freezing.

And by starting in the beginning of the sealing season, you won’t need to worry about running out of time the way you would during the fall.

A few weeks of rain in the end of March? No worries. Your driveway sealcoating contractor can come back in April. But if that wet weather struck at the end of autumn, you might have to postpone the work until the following year.

That’s why you shouldn’t wait to schedule your driveway sealcoating. If you’re searching for someone to help protect your driveway in New Jersey, contact Beckage Sealcoating.

We’ve spent more than two decades giving homeowners driveways they’re proud to show off. Visit our website today to request a sealing quote.

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