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Spring is around the corner… Sealcoating time!

Springtime Asphalt Repair ServiceIt is currently March, and with winter slowly ending, the long awaited & anticipated Spring is rapidly approaching. Even though  lots of snow is still visible on the ground, this winter season will eventually come to  end, and our thoughts can finally  turn from plowing our driveways to protecting them. Now, is the perfect time to think about sealing and beautifying your driveway for the seasons to come.

With the sun shining and the snow slowly melting, you might have noticed that your asphalt pavement has suffered some damage. It’s nice to have a cessation of winter storms long enough to find out the state of your asphalt, so you can plan for any springtime repairs or maintenance in advance.

With Spring being closer than it seems, let’s start thinking and planning about how we can protect, repair and beautify our driveways and parking lots.

Here are 5 reasons why Spring is the best time to get started with sealcoating in Flemington NJ and the surrounding areas:

1. Curb Appeal

Winter damages the sealer more than any season, and it shows. Why not get a sealer applied after the winter and have your driveway look new all summer long? Commercial properties in Flemington and the surrounding areas often schedule their parking lots for sealing and striping in the Spring just for this reason.

2. Price

Prices are often lower in the Spring when residential sealing is slow going. Often, you can make deals with the contractor to have a sign placed in your yard for a little longer than normal. In the beginning of the season, most contractors want to get the signs out as soon, and for as long as possible. They want to start carving out territory. The fact is, most homeowners in Flemington and surrounding areas will go with the same contractor as the guy down the street did (if the job looks professional). So often by doing one driveway, a sealcoating contractor has a good chance of be the contractor of choice for that whole neighborhood.

3. Scheduling

In September contractors are so busy, they are  packing their schedule as tight as possible.  Since it is slower in the Spring you might be able to have the driveway done when it suits you. Going away for a long weekend or on vacation? Not a problem in Flemington and surrounding areas.

4. Durability  

If you sealed your driveway in the fall, the sealer might not cure as well because of the cold weather. In the late Spring, temperatures are usually perfect and there is no worry about freezing temperatures.

5. More flexibility with weather in Flemington and surrounding areas

Since it is the beginning of the sealing season, there is no problem of running out of time like in the fall. If there is a month’s worth of rain, we can still get to the driveway the following  month, while in the fall it would be the following year. If a problem arises with the job, there will be plenty of time to remedy the situation, in the fall you would have to wait until… Spring!

You can greatly improve the “curb appeal” of your home or business in Flemington and surrounding areas with some simple asphalt protection and maintenance. Without the appropriate sealcoating being applied regularly, it’s much easier for asphalt to crack and potholes to form.

Remember, Spring is closer than you think! If you are seeing that your driveway needs attention, now is the time to contact us for  your springtime sealcoating or paving project in Flemington New Jersey and surrounding areas. You will definitely have the peace of mind knowing your work is scheduled and will be done right.

21 thoughts on “Spring is around the corner… Sealcoating time!”

  1. Thanks for the information. Like you said, seal coating is a great thing for asphalt. I love the way it improves the overall look of your home. In fact, this winter was especially tough on my driveway. I should probably look into getting it repaired.

  2. I live in an area that gets a lot of snow in the winter. You’re right, it’s always good to plan ahead when you want to sealcoat. It really does make the curb appeal much higher. I’ll be sure to follow your tips when the time comes for that.

  3. Thanks for the information on why spring would be the best time to sealcoat my driveway. I recently replaced my driveway and really want to preserve the asphalt as long as possible. I was planning on sealing it in the fall. However, if it cures better in the spring, I may need to do it sooner! Great article!

  4. It may not be spring, but I’m trying to think ahead about what I’ll need to do this spring. It always freezes so hard around here, and I hate shoveling a driveway that is warped and broken from freezing. I agree with what you said about it looking better, for sure. I can’t stand when driveways in my neighborhood get all broken up; it just looks so bad. Thanks for the tips. I’ll have to get someone out to take care of it soon.

    1. You’re welcome Nick! Thank you for reading our blog, we truly appropriate your feedback on it! Have a safe winter this year!

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    1. Thank you Bridgette for your feedback on our article! We truly appreciate your comments! One of our goals here at Beckage Sealcoating is to educate our current and potential customers and provide necessary information to help them maintain their properties. Thank you for reading our blog & we are looking forward to hear from you again!

  7. My parent’s need some work done to their driveway in the worst way. Usually we would try and figure it out, but with life being as crazy as it is, it’s hard to do that. This article has some great points that I think can help us find services to help get my parent’s drive way squared away.

    1. Thank you Jason for your feedback. We are happy that you’ve found our article helpful and hopefully it will make your life a bit less hectic. Thank you again for reading our blog.

  8. We are new home owners so we didn’t know that the winter was the hardest on the pavement sealer. Now that it is spring it is looking a little shabby and we didn’t know why. I guess we need to schedule a sealing and stripping for our driveway. Why is the winter so hard on your sealer?

    1. Thank you Grace for reading our blog. Congratulations on your new house! Winter definitely can cause a damage to your driveway. Shoveling snow, plowing, and salting (leads to cracks in cement) will contribute to form new cracks in your pavement. The good news is that there are many ways to prevent winter’s aftermath damage. I will be more that happy to direct you to our other article that points out very practical and useful tips to avoid those costly dissolution. In the meantime schedule a free and detailed driveway estimate that will definitely be helpful to asses any imperfections that needs to be addressed to properly maintain your pavement longevity.

  9. Now that the snow has melted all over my driveway, I can now see just how cracked up it is. I don’t remember it being that bad, but there it is. I’ll need to look into some asphalt repair so I can get it fixed up. Thanks for the help!

    1. Thank you Branden for taking interest in our blog articles. We really appreciate you feedback on this particular subject. Once the snow is gone it is the perfect time to inspect your entire driveway and surrounding areas for any new imperfections and potential future repair. By taking your time to evaluate the condition of your asphalt surface, eventual and immediate problems can be prevented. Tiny problems can quickly become Big & costly ones. Again thank you for your comments and interest in our blog.

  10. My driveway has definitely taken a beating this winter. It has some major cracking going down the side of it and I think it is time to get it fixed and seal-coated. I like the idea of getting it done in the spring time while contractors are less busy and maybe less expensive. Do you have any idea about how long a residential driveway would take to do? Thanks for this information!

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