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The Beckage Sealcoating Warranty



  Beckage Sealcoating has seen many sealcoating contractors come and go since 1994. We now see our local area saturated with under- qualified, sub- standard contractors' self- proclaiming themselves “SEALCOATING PROFESSIONALS” when they have never even applied a drop of sealer on pavement yet! Many of these contractors travel from far out of the local area and even out of state to do work and make a quick buck! What are they doing in our area calling themselves a local contractor?

Our plan to counter this invasion is nothing less than an all-out take no prisoners advertising and sealcoating campaign in all our local markets with emphasis on our exclusive sealcoating material and our  2 YEAR WARRANTY. This campaign will provide you, the consumer, the facts you need to ensure that you receive a quality sealcoating job, and don’t fall victim to a sub-standard under-qualified contractor.

By using our buying power, as one of the state's largest pavement maintenance service providers, our company purchases our sealcoat and other materials by the tractor trailer load. Purchasing in these types of volumes allows us to provide to our customers the most competitive pricing and best quality material available.

Sealer Facts & Our Exclusive Warranty


Standard sealers contain approx. 47% percent solids and that’s only if the contractor who mixes the required additives, water and sand does this honestly and correctly. If too much water is added, the solid content will drop below 40% thus resulting in an inferior product. Many less reputable companies over-dilute their material in an effort to lower their costs, thus making them more price competitive in the local market but lowering their overall value. Our exclusive product will contain well over 50% solids and will be made with a polymer modification system that is second to none. Our exclusive sealer material will carry a written guarantee of 2 years against wear off, peeling or flaking on all residential driveways. Cosmetic sealcoating is excluded from this warranty. This material can last up to approximately 3 years on the standard residential driveway when brush applied. For the valued conscious consumer the choice is obvious. Most other contractors will only offer a 1 year warranty, if any at all and their standard sealer will maybe only last 2 years before needing to be re-applied. This exclusive sealer is made only for our company and cannot be sold to other contractors. We feel that using our buying power as the area's largest pavement maintenance service provider to obtain this exclusive product for our local residential clients, will confirm our strong hold in the local market and our already tremendous success as being the area's largest full service pavement maintenance company. We look forward to doing business with you soon.