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Residential Sealcoating Process


Residential sealcoating processA. All edges of your pavement surface will be power trimmed of all overhanging grass.

B. The entire pavement surface will be extensively cleaned and blown off, using steel wire brooms and large industrial push blowers to remove all accumulated dirt, dust, stone and debris. A clean surface is the first step to a great sealcoating job.

C. Any visible oil or other petroleum marks on the pavement surface will be heat flashed to remove all surface solvents from the asphalt. They then will receive one coating of oil spot primer to help insure a strong cohesive bond between the marked areas and the newly applied pavement sealer.

Residential sealcoating in New Jersey (NJ)D. Cracks 3/8 inch or larger (excluding pavement edges) will be cleaned of all dirt and debris and filled using the most highly advanced rubberized hot tar crack sealant available today. After any hot sealant is applied, a coating of Black Beauty sand will be applied, to promote proper adhesion to the sealcoating material. Crack sealant may settle below surface level and be visible after sealcoating. This is within industry specification. Edge Cracks/Broken off asphalt are not included in crack repair. Expansion Joint seams at the garage or street are not included in crack repair as well unless listed on your estimate. Please call with any questions. 

E. Chicken Wire cracked areas (if specified on your proposal) will be cleaned and covered with hot rubberized crack sealant.

Sealcoating in New Jersey, NJF. Pothole repairs (if specified on your proposal) will be completed by removing all loose debris from the pothole, applying an industrial grade synthetic asphalt patch, and compacting until set firm.

Driveway repairs, pothole repairs, parking lot repairs by Beckage Sealcoating in New Jersey-NJG. Once all the above steps are completed, we can start the sealcoating process. Our premium service will include your application to be done completely by brush. We will brush applicate one liberal coat of our custom blended exclusive polymer modified R-P-355e pavement sealer to the entire pavement surface. What makes our premium sealer so good is our ability to blend, in our state of the art mixing units, 4% rubberized polymer epoxy latex (providing the sealer with added flexibility and a rich flat black color upon drying), and up to 4 pounds of silica sand per gallon of sealer (for added traction and durability), the result will be the homeowner benefitting from the darkest, most durable and longest lasting non-skid surface they will ever have applied to their pavement. Our premium sealer is also environmentally friendly and has the lowest odor of any sealers available today. 

Pot hole repairs, driveway repairs and sealcoating repairs in New Jersey - NJH. Once the sealcoating of your pavement is completed; we will install a sign, wooden stakes and a barricade of caution tape, which should be left in place for a minimum of 48 hours. When you remove the barricade and drive onto the new surface remember to be gentle with your steering. Sharp turning may leave some tire marks on the new surface, but rest assured they will dissipate over time. If the car is stationary, do not turn the wheel on the new surface, these areas cannot be fixed.

I. PLEASE NOTE: Our sealcoating will not remedy low spots, smooth out rough surfaces, or hide defects or oil spots.  All materials used by our company meet every federal and state specification for use in our line of work. We stand behind our materials and workmanship 100%. If you have any questions about your sealcoating application, we are only a phone call away. Since 1994, the reputation of our company has been built on our customer's satisfaction and we strive to continue to uphold and improve this. We thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you.