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Hot Asphalt Repair / Cut and Patch


Hot Asphalt Repair Job Specifications:


Asphalt repair area(s) will be saw cut and all excavated asphalt material will be trucked from the site unless otherwise specified. The excavated area will be mechanically tamped and if an unstable sub-base is encountered during preparation, additional excavation and material will need to be completed. This additional work, at an additional cost will only be completed upon customer consent. If additional work is needed and customer does not give consent guarantee will be null & void. A tack adhesive will be applied to all concrete edges, asphalt edges, and the other points of abutment to help secure a tight bond. 

Up to 3" of asphalt will be compressed over the prepared area(s). The compressed thickness will be 3" of (I-5) fabc top course. Repair(s) can be sealcoated immediately with our exclusive primer. If topsoil is needed to be spread along the edges of the asphalt repair it will be the customer's responsibility. This repair will carry a two year guarantee.