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Why Use Infrared Asphalt Repair?

Infrared asphalt repair is a unique method of fixing asphalt in which new hot-mix asphalt is blended directly with your existing asphalt and compacted to create a seamless restoration.

With infrared asphalt repair, our crew will clean the area scheduled for repair to remove loose aggregate, sand or water. Then that area will be heated and raked before new material is applied, graded and compacted.

The benefits of infrared asphalt repair include:

It lets you recycle

Why waste perfectly good asphalt when you can repair and recycle with infrared asphalt repair?

It's a more permanent repair

This type of repair leaves your driveway with seamless welded edges, and no saw-cut joints that allow water to seep in and degrade your repairs, or the freeze/thaw issues that come with traditional methods. The fact that this method eliminates water seepage is one of the chief benefits of infrared asphalt repair.

It saves money

This repair method requires much less new asphalt, less equipment and less manpower. It’s a green process that saves money and makes sense.

Time Saving

Infrared asphalt repair takes half the time of traditional repair methods, with just one trip to the job site, less noise and less mess. There’s no need for saw-cutting, jackhammering, loading, trucking or disposal.

Typical Uses

Trip hazards, paving “cold” seams, isolated failures, catch basins, manhole repairs, bird baths, potholes, utility cuts, decorative imprints and thermoplastic markings.

These versatile infrared asphalt recyclers are designed for common occurring asphalt problems – repair improper seams, sunken utility cuts, lower elevated or buckled surfaces, refinish manholes, potholes or other broken areas.

The penetrating infrared rays of the recyclers quickly soften the existing asphalt without burning. Typically the top 1 1/2″ to 2″ of asphalt is ready for raking within 10-15 minutes.

    Infrared Asphalt Recyclers
  • Remove bird baths, lower high spots, repair catch basins
  • Eliminate potholes, remove oil spots
  • Correct asphalt imperfections & alligator cracking
  • Thermoplastic installation
  • Printing Asphalt

Once softened and scarified, hot mix is added to bring the recycled area back to proper grade.

Compacting produces a permanent hot patch level with the existing asphalt. Water seepage is eliminated because the repair is seamless. This is one of the biggest benefits of the infrared driveway repair process.

Need help?

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